Interview with Casting Director Wendy McKenzie


Most people doesn’t know I was an extra in the film “Notorious”! A biopic of the life and death of legendary hip-hop star Notorious B.I.G, also casted by Casting Director and Acting Coach Wendy McKenzie. I met the Casting Director on the set of “Notorious” and she was very welcoming and I learnt so much from her from the first few minutes of speaking with her but not nearly as much as I did after interviewing her. I had the privilege of doing my first interview with her and she speaks about her LLC “In The Wink of An Eye”, Her former modeling career, and gives inspiring actors advice and more!

Ms. Voletta Wallace (Mother of Biggy Smalls and producer of “Notorious”) and I on the set of “Notorious”.

“Preparation is Key” – Wendy McKenzie


Speaking Positivity, Dimi…

Speaking Positivity, Diminishing Negative”


Hello Everyone! I am Steven McCoy! I am a young man from Newark, NJ just trying to follow my dreams. I have lots of experience in the world of Entertainment and in Life in general. I am still growing and learning new things as I continue to move forward in life. I am a writer, an actor, creative director, video editor, as well as the host and creator of Spoken Ent. I created this blog because often times I log onto blog sites it’s flooded with so much negativity and I just wanted to see more of the good things that’s going on in the world, so I thought I’d be a great idea to create my own blog. Following a trend is not a bad thing but when you don’t believe in something you go your own way even if no one’s following…Besides it’s God that’s leading you.