Austin Brown Releases New Mixtape Album “Highway 85”!

Does the name Austin Brown ring a bell?? I’m sure it does because not only did I have the honor of sitting down with singer,songwriter,producer, and performer for an interview but he comes from the biggest musical family in the world…The Jackson Family! He is the son of Rebbie Jackson which means he’s the nephew of  The King of Pop; Michael and Janet Jackson. A few months back Austin spoke to me about his highly anticipated upcoming mixtape album “Highway 85” and now it’s finally here! “Highway 85” takes you on a musical journey as Austin Brown shows off his storytelling writing skills, sweet and soothing harmonies, and with groovy pop beats. Austin collaborated with rapper David Banner, songwriter and producer Tommy “Tgunzz” Parker, producer Rodney Jerkins, Scott Brueznak, Angelo “BLVCK BELLY”, Paolo “Shirazi” Prudencio, Walter Afanasieff, and Harmony “HMoney” Samuels. Austin dedicates this mixtape to his father Nathaniel.
Austin is definitely in a lane of his own, if you don’t want to get ran over “Highway 85” is the lane to take. Be apart of this musical journey; You can download Austin Brown’s “Highway 85” by clicking the link below.
Watch Austin Brown Speak about “Highway 85”

Interview w/ The Pdees


While most girls just party until they see the sun these girls; The Presidential Dymes(The Pdees) are working over the moon to establish their business “The Presidency”; a branding image agency. These woman give back to their community by throwing free events with free food and giveaways, raising money for the less fortunates, and even counseling young girls on how to be confident in their own skin and to focus on the important things in their lives such as education and additional goals. In case you didn’t know this, one out of the seven girls is the younger sister of superstar entertainer Ashanti Douglas; Kenashia Douglas who was featured in this year’s “Sister 2 Sister” magazine (article shown below) speaking on “The Presidency”. Congratulations to these young woman making a difference!


” Behind every Dream there’s an image” – The Presidency